Episode 008 - There is nothing safe about The Lido Shuffle

June 30, 2017

It was inevitable, so we figured we'd just do it. We gave a listen to Nickelback's latest album, "Feed the Machine", and we sat down to discuss whether our feelings about the boys have changed or whether FTM furthers the stereotype. Joining us is noisemaster/trashcaster builder Rick Surette, and we find time to reminisce about unsafe driving conditions in Philadelphia and somehow find a reason to talk about Slint's Spiderland yet again. Also, we announce the Nickelbackin' Theme Song Contest!


Be sure to check in @nickelbackinpod and nickelbackinpodcast@gmail.com! 


Our theme song is (currently) "Blush" by Calvinball. Check out songwriter Patrick S. Barry's other work at https://gramlins.bandcamp.com/!


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