Episode 002 - I had a conversation about it, unlike you

January 4, 2017

Welcome back, Sandra Bullock superfans!  We actually managed to strike while the iron was hot and record another episode quickly, but never fear: we still messed it up! John had some technical issues which resulted in us occasionally using the audio feed from Skype, and that along with some jitter and far too long an initial recording time made for a very fun edit for us. Hours later, here we are, warts n' all. Although the topic this time around was Keanu Reeves, you can also learn about Abram's nocturnal parking lot conversations, John's typical day, and see what Christopher's got in store for this week's Nickelback news! Contact us at nickelbackinpodcast at gmail dot com or @nickelbackinpod.

Our theme song is "Blush" by Calvinball. Calvinball is sadly defunct but check out songwriter Patrick S. Barry's new work at https://gramlins.bandcamp.com/ !


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