Episode 004 - When Garfunkel Kept Him Honest

March 21, 2017

Phew, it sure has been a while! The lads reconvene following a month of juggling childcare, house hunting, and pesky day jobs on the eve of a March blizzard to discuss a listener-suggested topic that is perhaps a bit belated, but right up our alley. We're not sure if we really finished threading this particular needle and we're sure to revisit at some point, but in the meantime join us as we discuss Bono and U2.

Join us and be sure to check in @nickelbackinpod and nickelbackinpodcast@gmail.com! 


Our theme song is "Blush" by Calvinball. Check out songwriter Patrick S. Barry's other work at https://gramlins.bandcamp.com/ !


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